Pago Sahagian: France Has Become a Second Homeland For Hundreds of Thousands of Armenians


On 21 November Artsakh Republic President Pago Sahagian visited the town of Villeurbanne and partook at the solemn event marking the beginning of the Artsakh Days in France, Central Information Department of the Office of the Artsakh Republic President reports.

In his speech President Sahagian pointed out that France was a friendly country for Artsakh, the people of France were fraternal people for us, adding that such centuries-long perception were evidence-based.

“France has become a second homeland for hundreds of thousands of Armenians, ensuring favorable conditions for their self-fulfillment and prosperous life. And it is no coincidence that Armenians of France have given a whole constellation of renowned people representing diverse spheres, who have enriched not only the Armenian but also the French and mankind’s culture, education, sport and other spheres”, underlined in his speech the Artsakh Republic President.

The President considered symbolic the official beginning of the Artsakh Days in Villeurbanne, the town which has large Armenian community and solid ties with Artsakh.

Pago Sahagian extended gratitude to the author of photographs presented in the exhibition devoted to Artsakh and its organizers for the unique portrayal of our country. He added that such distinguished work enables people unfamiliar with Artsakh to get acquainted with the country, its nature, history, come close to our culture and people, their inner world, thereby inflaming the desire and interest to visit our republic.

During the event President Sahagian handed in the “Gratitude” medal to mayor of Villeurbanne Jean-Paul Bret and extended words of gratitude to him and the entire staff of the city administration for their activity, qualifying it from political, moral, legal, cultural, humanitarian and other perspectives.

The Head of the State expressed his confidence in strengthening, expanding and deepening bilateral relations in due course.


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