ARMENIANS. What have they given to the world?

By Nayiri MgrdichianUnited_Armenia

Where is Armenia, Who are the Armenians? what have they given to the world? What do we know about them?

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1. Amenia, the Land of Noah

Armenia has been populated since prehistoric times, and has been proposed as the site of the Biblical Garden of Eden. Armenia lies in the highlands surrounding with  the biblical mount  Ararat upon which  Noah’s ark came to rest after the flood. (Gen. 8:4). Archaeologists continue to uncover the evidence that  Armenia and Armenian Highlands were among the earliest sites of human civilization.

2. The first Christian nation in the world

In  301 AD, Armenia became the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its official state religion.





3.Yerevan the capital of Armenia – one of the oldest cities in the world

In 2018 Yerevan  becomes 2800 years old.

Yerevan is older than Rome

4.The Armemian alphabet

Mesrop Mashtots created the Armenian alphabet in 405-406. He translated the Bible with his disciples. A french scientist, La Crosse (1661-1719), named the translation  “The Queen  of Translations” which has given  the Armenian nation a famous position and role in the world’s culture. Now Armenia is  the only country that has  “The Translation day”.

5. Armenia the Oldest Beer-Making Country in the World

When Xenophon sipped on a strange barley concoction in the Armenian highlands over two thousand years ago. According to the feature, one of the first known written mentions of beer in the 4th century BCE comes from the travel diary of the ancient Greek mercenary, Xenophon, as he wandered across Armenia.

(Image via

Hrazdan gorge in Yerevan where Harutyun Avedyants’ Zanga beer factory was located. 

6. The Cradle of Wine

The ancient accounts of the origins of wine making consistently points towards the highlands of ancient Armenia as the cradle of viticulture. Earliest Known Winery Found in Armenian Cave. Barefoot winemakers likely worked in cave where oldest leather shoe was found. The oldest example of a leather shoe has been discovered by archaeologists in a cave in Armenia which is 5,500 years old (BBC)


7. Inventions of Armenians

Armenians are inventive people. They have invented many things that have changed the world.Such as, scanning Machine, bankmatic Automated Teller Machine, principles of black and white and color television broadcasting, first video player, first yogurt, hair dryer, held the first plastic surgery  and many other things. for more information look at  here

8. Famous Armenians

Armenians have given the world famous scientists, musicians, athletes, actors, singers,painters and chess player. It’s the first  country where chess has been teaching at schools.



9. Artsakh or Karabagh the  second Armenian country

 Armenia is the first Christian country, moreover, God lives in Artsakh




I’m sure it will be attractive to know more about Armenia and Artsakh/Karabagh

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