0.6% Inflation Registered in Armenia January­September 2017


0.2% inflation was registered in Armenia’s consumer market in September 2017 compared to August. This is mainly linked with the 1.3% inflation in non­food products, according to the data of the National Statistical Service, reports Armenpress.

Compared to January­September of 2016, 0.6% inflation has been registered in January­September of 2017.

In September of 2017 compared to August the consumer prices in Yerevan increased by 0.4%: in 5 towns 0.6­0.1% deflation was registered, whereas in other 5 towns the price level of the previous month has been maintained.

The consumer price index in September comprised 98.3%, which means that 1.7% deflation was recorded. Whereas compared to September of 2016, 1% inflation was registered in September of 2017.

In September compared to August 0.2% drop in food prices was recorded which was mainly linked with the 9.5% and 4.6% deflation in fruits and sugar respectively.

In September compared to August the prices of fruits have decreased by 11.6­4.9% in all cities of Armenia, the highest deflation rate was registered in Vanadzor.

In the meat products 0.3% inflation was registered compared to August, and 6.6% inflation compared to September of 2016.

In September compared to August the prices for petrol and diesel fuel increased by 0.8% and 0.1% respectively.


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